I Miss You

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Dear blog of mine, I miss you! I’ve “neglected” you again, for the nth time! 😦 It’s been 8 months since I last posted here… been really busy! I had quite a lot of things that I was supposed to blog about, and “composed” drafts in my head…and they’re”gone”! I totally forgot them! 😦

So here’s the main update on me (and why i was busy) the past months that I went MIA… Been a “single working mom” again for 6months now as hubby left for work last November. He’ll be back in 4months, more or less. I/we miss you Dada!

Short kwento (kinda fresh pa from last night)… Every time I come home from work, I usually greet Jared with “hi baby…how are you? I miss you! I love you!” …to which he responds with “I mit (miss) you..love you!”. Last night was the same, we had that exchange of I miss you’s and I love you’s when I entered the house. An hour or two later, we were “bonding” in the room (playing, reading books, hugging and kissing each other…). After reading some books, he was sitting on my lap and I was hugging him and giving him lots of kisses…suddenly, he held my face and told me, “Mama, na-miss kita..” then kissed and hugged me. Awwww…. One of the sweetest moments with Jared. :):):)

{I was supposed to blog about this last night, but I immediately fell asleep also when Jared did..hehe!)



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It started with a kinda annoying tantrum of Jared…

Me: “pack away your toys,then read book tayo.”
Jared: “ayaw..”
Me: “pack away your toys.”
Jared: “ayaw!”

Ay patigasan ito…eh usually 1 time lang sabihan ng pack away nagliligpit sya agad.

Me: “pack away na..ligpit na yan!sige di kita kakausapin.”
Jared (begging): “toyi na ,utap na (sorry na,usap na)..”
Me: “pack away muna toys”
Jared (naiiyak na): “ayaw pack away..”
Me (serious at nagmamatigas pa din,trying to teach him a lesson para sumunod kahit ayaw nya..medyo naiinis na): “bahala ka,galit tayo pag di ka nagligpit ng toys”
Jared: “ayaw pack away. toyi na mama,bati na…”
Me: (dedma)
Jared (umiiyak na): “toyi na mama… yaki yaki yangot jayed..tang-gar na..” (laki-laki kulangot jared,tanggalin mo na)


[in the end, we packed away his toys together]

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