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As mentioned in one of my posts, Jared loves books. He loves being read to before bedtime, and he loves “reading” them (as well as tearing them apart haha!). The books shown in the previous post were his favorite for the past few days. In fact, he already knows how to “read” it LOL!

The other night, while waiting for me to read to him, he tried to “read” the books himself….and I was surprised when he was “reading” aloud some pages and when I checked, these were just some of the pages he was reading and the way he read them… Familiar na sya sa stories..


Jared: “dhama taym..” (pajama time)


Jared: “..dhama time..hut hut..” (pajama time..hush hush..)


Jared: “go-ying bed book” (going to bed book)


Jared: “..hang tower on da wohr.. pajama big en small..” (..hang their towels on the wall.. pajamas big and small)

Jared: “da ki-eyton: (the creation)


Jared: “God men dey…” (God made day…)

Naaliw ako, kakabasa namin ng books na to the past few nights, halos memorize nya na yung story..hehe! 😀


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