Jared loves Books!

August 18, 2011 at 1:47 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

My baby loves books… Since he was a baby, I bought him books and read to him almost every night or just anytime I feel like reading. He “reads” himself as well..he loves seeing pictures, pointing to it and saying aloud what’s in the picture (or at least what he thinks it is).

2 nights ago, I was trying to relax (while texting) for a while beside him in bed before we read bedtime stories. Hubby is doing something outside the room at this time. He packed away his lego, picked up 3 books and asked begged me to read the books. Our conversation went like this:
Jared: “yid buk (read book) na mama nin (mama janine)…yid buk..”
Me: “wait lang po..”
Jared: “yid buk na…yid buuuukkk…tige na tige na (sige na sige na)..” (he seemed like he was about to cry) hehehe ang kulet..cute! 😀

Among these 3 books, he didn’t want me to read the “Pajama Time”… he picked it out and put it a little away from us, saying “ayaw yan…pangit yan..pangit yan..”… Nagulat ako and I really laughed at that statement, ang arte ng anak ko haha!

After I read the 2 books…
Me: “finish na..finish reading the books.. let’s pray and then sleeping time na..”
Jared: “yid buk (read book) pa..” and then picked up the 3rd book..
Me: “akala ko ba ayaw mo read yan, sabi mo pangit yan..”
Jared: (habang inaabot sa kin yung book nagmamakaawa na) “yid buk pa..yid buk pa..”




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  1. it’s nice to be reading books at an early age! 😀 reading books rocks ^^

    • hi! thanks for visiting and commenting in my blog 🙂 am i right, you are the “astroboy” rusher? 🙂

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