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Ever since we had Jared, we seldom go on dates…as in! Last year, he was on vacation for about 7 months (because he had several trainings, and he wanted to stay a bit longer with me and Jared), but we were only able to go on a movie date ONCE!hehehe! I’m not complaining, it’s our choice, because we really don’t feel comfortable going out after work knowing that we have a baby at home. If not for that 1 movie, puro grocery lang ang labas namin…kung magdinner man kami sa labas noon, dahil gutom na after grocery, mabilisang dinner lang para makauwi agad. Nag-iiba talaga ang priorities pag may baby na. 🙂

Few months (or weeks) yata after I gave birth, naging topic sa N@W ang pagde-date ng mga mag-asawa. Dapat daw talaga meron pa din time ang mga mag-asawa na mag-date kahit anong busy sa mga anak. Every couple needs that time to be with each other to “rekindle(?)” their relationship and keep it strong…bonding time. Plus, somehow eh short “break” na din from being busy parents. “Giving time to your child is as important as giving time to your partner”…I read this also: “happy couple = happy baby”. tama naman di ba? 🙂

Etong bakasyon na to ni Wilson this year, we still do not go out that often, not on a regular basis like weekly…but it’s better than last year. More or less, we try to go out on dates (be it a movie, or just dinner na kami lang 2) at least twice a month. We still feel a little guilt (not as guilty as before) going home late to an already sleeping Jared. Di pa din maiwasan ma-guilty, pero bumabawi naman kami the following day/ we spend weekends together, all 3 of us. 🙂

[naalala ko lang magpost about this dahil may planned movie date kami mamya haha..sana maaga ako makaalis sa office para matuloy]


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