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It’s February already and this is my first post for the year! Di ko talaga mapanindigan na maging regular ang pag-blog. I’ve been really very busy with work, and of course mommy duties. Work is sooo stressful.

Last Nov, I was given a lot of NEW: new role and job function, new team (still within the same department), new boss. My new team: SMS and International Services Engineering…a lot of adjustments on my part. Good thing I am somehow familiar with the SMS Eng’g field since I was part of that team around 2005-2006, before I was transferred to Circuit Switch Planning (2006-2010). But IS eng’g, I only knew very very little and super basic things on that.

Just last January, one staff had a miscarriage and is now on ML for 2 months. I had to ‘absorb’ all the projects under her (IS), while I am still new and learning in that field…nosebleed! LOL! Sabay-sabay ang mga projects at halos lahat urgent, kumusta naman ang stress level ?! Not to mention there are also a lot of projects on the SMS field. Can’t wait for most of the projects to be finished so I can breathe and relax for a bit. Good luck to me!

At the end of the day, I always look forward to being home and seeing my little one and his super nice smile, while shouting “mama!” with much excitement, upon seeing me arrive home 🙂

[I wrote this post in the office this morning 🙂 before my day gets swamped with A LOT of meetings, emails and phone coordination/follow-up]


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