sad :(

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As expected, Daddy Wilson will have to leave again for work…soon..(in approximately 2 weeks). That means, he won’t be here for Jared’s 1st birthday next month 😦  we were excited pa naman, nothing has been finalized yet (I know, cramming sa preps ang mangyayari), but we have ideas and plans on some details, like what our outfit will be, which we won’t be able to do na as a complete family. I know it’s really a difficult decision on his part to choose to leave this month, but the next opportunity will be on Dec which is too far (he would be on 1 year vacation by then). He was given by his company until yesterday (July 8) to decide if he will take the offer..otherwise, they have to give the slot to someone else. We talked about it, and in the end I let him do the final decision and I just have to accept and support him whatever it is. Before that, we were hoping he could leave by Sept, or even last week of August, but it just wasn’t possible. It’s really super sad thinking that it will only be me and Jared again..and we’ll have to wait for another 10months or so before we could be with his Daddy again. We’ll really miss him, most esp during the important occasions – my and Jared’s birthdays on Aug, his bday on Sept, our 3rd wedding anniv on Oct, Christmas and New Year. *sigh* the life of an OFW (and an OFW’s family) 😦


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