A friend’s Baby Uno

June 9, 2010 at 2:07 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Super sad.

Tuesday morning, around 7am, I got a text message from a dear friend (and Jared’s ninang) who’s in Singapore “Ate Janine, please pray for me, Rudy and our little baby…we need your prayers”. I suddenly got worried and replied back when I read that on my way to work. When she replied, she told me that on her checkup last Monday, baby Uno (as she fondly calls him), who is supposed to be 10weeks, still has no heartbeat. They didn’t tell anyone yet because they did not want their families here to worry, and they were going to seek for a 2nd opinion that Tues morning. I was the first that she informed because we are somehow each other’s “prayer partners”. I was really worried and sad that morning and really prayed hard for them. Before lunchtime, she texted me again that it’s confirmed and that the baby should be removed from her immediately to avoid infection or further complications. I couldn’t help but cry…I so wanted to really hug her tight to comfort her. We were exchanging text messages while she was being prepared for the procedure (around 2 or 3pm).

I don’t exactly know how it feels because I’ve never been in that situation (hopefully I won’t ever experience that)…but as a friend and as a mom myself, I can feel her pain. I’m so affected with what happened to her that everytime I think of her I can’t help but get teary-eyed.

Still, I am confident that they will get thru this. Escie, my little sis, (I’ve been saying this since you told me about the situation)..you are such a strong person who has a strong faith in God. I admire you and Rudy for that faith…I admire you for accepting and surrendering to His will…and for believing that He has better plans for you. I know there are no words that will take away the pain…but stay strong. It’s ok to cry and grieve…in the end, I’m sure this will make you stronger persons, and better parents when the time comes for you to have that little blessing from God. Just keep the faith and keep on loving and taking care of each other while waiting for that little one…he or she will come in His perfect time.  Baby Uno is now an angel watching over you, together with God. Remember that I’m always here for you. I’m praying for your healing, and for that next baby whenever it is. God bless! Love u! *HUGS*


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