A friend’s Baby Uno

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Super sad.

Tuesday morning, around 7am, I got a text message from a dear friend (and Jared’s ninang) who’s in Singapore “Ate Janine, please pray for me, Rudy and our little baby…we need your prayers”. I suddenly got worried and replied back when I read that on my way to work. When she replied, she told me that on her checkup last Monday, baby Uno (as she fondly calls him), who is supposed to be 10weeks, still has no heartbeat. They didn’t tell anyone yet because they did not want their families here to worry, and they were going to seek for a 2nd opinion that Tues morning. I was the first that she informed because we are somehow each other’s “prayer partners”. I was really worried and sad that morning and really prayed hard for them. Before lunchtime, she texted me again that it’s confirmed and that the baby should be removed from her immediately to avoid infection or further complications. I couldn’t help but cry…I so wanted to really hug her tight to comfort her. We were exchanging text messages while she was being prepared for the procedure (around 2 or 3pm).

I don’t exactly know how it feels because I’ve never been in that situation (hopefully I won’t ever experience that)…but as a friend and as a mom myself, I can feel her pain. I’m so affected with what happened to her that everytime I think of her I can’t help but get teary-eyed.

Still, I am confident that they will get thru this. Escie, my little sis, (I’ve been saying this since you told me about the situation)..you are such a strong person who has a strong faith in God. I admire you and Rudy for that faith…I admire you for accepting and surrendering to His will…and for believing that He has better plans for you. I know there are no words that will take away the pain…but stay strong. It’s ok to cry and grieve…in the end, I’m sure this will make you stronger persons, and better parents when the time comes for you to have that little blessing from God. Just keep the faith and keep on loving and taking care of each other while waiting for that little one…he or she will come in His perfect time.  Baby Uno is now an angel watching over you, together with God. Remember that I’m always here for you. I’m praying for your healing, and for that next baby whenever it is. God bless! Love u! *HUGS*


gymboree + picaboo…happiness! :)

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I’ve been seeing about Gymboree (and Kindermusik) in the n@w yahoogroup for quite some time, but I didn’t pay much attention because I thought it was for pre-school and up only, or at the very least for toddlers. Just last week, I read one email about it and learned that Gymboree actually has classes even for a few month old babies. I suddenly got interested and inquired more about it from my fellow n@wies who have tried. I checked their website and saw the different branches and inquired thru phone at the branch nearest our place, Trinoma. Play & Learn level 2’s class schedule during weekends is on a Sunday at 11am-12pm. The fee for a 4-week class is kinda high, P3,200 + the 1-yr membership fee of P1,800..so that would be P5,000! Good thing there’s a preview (trial) class, for P500. Hubby and I decided we’ll give it a try for Jared.

And so, last Sunday (May 30) we went to Gymboree Trinoma for Jared’s preview class at 11am. It was not a very good time for our baby because it coincides with his usual morning naptime. He fell asleep in the car on our way to Trinoma for about 30mins only. He woke up immediately when we got out of the car (kawawa naman bitin ang tulog). Because of that, he was a bit sleepy during the class, but he still enjoyed it. There were 4 babies during their class, and the teacher was happy that there are ‘many’ babies. According to her, that class usually has only 2 babies, and sometimes even 1. The teacher sang different songs in some of the activities, and the babies were somehow taught ‘cause and effect’ when we were told to teach them to kick a ball. The L2 class also helps build strength through play with ramps, slides and climbers. And there was a very brief discussion/sharing of parents about the babies. For me, it was a very quick 1 hour of playing and learning, but it was really an enjoyable experience. Majority of the time, it was me holding or assisting Jared in the class, while Daddy Wilson was busy taking pictures (and some videos) of us. We totally enjoyed it as much as the babies (or we probably enjoyed it more than them hahaha!).  We’re still thinking if we will enroll Jared for a 4-session L2 class…ang gastos kasi!hehe!

After having lunch, we went from Trinoma to SM North (The Block) for our afternoon activity with Jared. We had a scheduled pictorial session for him at Pic-a-boo (it was a long overdue pictorial, I’ve been planning to do it since Dec2009). Jared fell asleep in the car for about 30mins again (or a little more than that). I felt that he’s not in a very good mood during the pictorial because of the “shortened” naptime again (sorry baby, wrong timing ulit), but he was still smiling during the pictorial (although not during the entire 30-minute session). At least he didn’t cry and still cooperated somehow 🙂  he had 3 costume changes, plus we had some family pics in the end. It was such a happy and enjoyable experience for all of us. We had a hard time selecting the photos to be printed..we’ll get the prints this coming weekend…so excited! 🙂 Wilson and I were such stage parents that Sunday (both in Gymboree and Pic-a-boo) hehehe! 🙂

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