Blessed…as always

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I just want to write a quick blogpost about tonight…

I attended the weekly corporate worship of the BLD (Bukas-Loob sa Diyos) community earlier at Santuario de San Antonio. I am a member of the said community, but not really an active one (I used to be,before I gave birth and became a busy mom). The corporate worship is basically a prayer meeting, once a month there’s a Mass.

This Wednesday was a bit different, there was a scheduled Healing Mass by Fr. Joey Faller. After the Mass, it was the healing session for everyone who want to be healed / prayed over. It was not my first time to be prayed over, but it was my first with a well-known healing priest. I felt great, and all the more, super blessed! 🙂


I Miss You

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Dear blog of mine, I miss you! I’ve “neglected” you again, for the nth time! 😦 It’s been 8 months since I last posted here… been really busy! I had quite a lot of things that I was supposed to blog about, and “composed” drafts in my head…and they’re”gone”! I totally forgot them! 😦

So here’s the main update on me (and why i was busy) the past months that I went MIA… Been a “single working mom” again for 6months now as hubby left for work last November. He’ll be back in 4months, more or less. I/we miss you Dada!

Short kwento (kinda fresh pa from last night)… Every time I come home from work, I usually greet Jared with “hi baby…how are you? I miss you! I love you!” …to which he responds with “I mit (miss) you!”. Last night was the same, we had that exchange of I miss you’s and I love you’s when I entered the house. An hour or two later, we were “bonding” in the room (playing, reading books, hugging and kissing each other…). After reading some books, he was sitting on my lap and I was hugging him and giving him lots of kisses…suddenly, he held my face and told me, “Mama, na-miss kita..” then kissed and hugged me. Awwww…. One of the sweetest moments with Jared. :):):)

{I was supposed to blog about this last night, but I immediately fell asleep also when Jared did..hehe!)


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It started with a kinda annoying tantrum of Jared…

Me: “pack away your toys,then read book tayo.”
Jared: “ayaw..”
Me: “pack away your toys.”
Jared: “ayaw!”

Ay patigasan ito…eh usually 1 time lang sabihan ng pack away nagliligpit sya agad.

Me: “pack away na..ligpit na yan!sige di kita kakausapin.”
Jared (begging): “toyi na ,utap na (sorry na,usap na)..”
Me: “pack away muna toys”
Jared (naiiyak na): “ayaw pack away..”
Me (serious at nagmamatigas pa din,trying to teach him a lesson para sumunod kahit ayaw nya..medyo naiinis na): “bahala ka,galit tayo pag di ka nagligpit ng toys”
Jared: “ayaw pack away. toyi na mama,bati na…”
Me: (dedma)
Jared (umiiyak na): “toyi na mama… yaki yaki yangot jayed..tang-gar na..” (laki-laki kulangot jared,tanggalin mo na)


[in the end, we packed away his toys together]


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As mentioned in one of my posts, Jared loves books. He loves being read to before bedtime, and he loves “reading” them (as well as tearing them apart haha!). The books shown in the previous post were his favorite for the past few days. In fact, he already knows how to “read” it LOL!

The other night, while waiting for me to read to him, he tried to “read” the books himself….and I was surprised when he was “reading” aloud some pages and when I checked, these were just some of the pages he was reading and the way he read them… Familiar na sya sa stories..


Jared: “dhama taym..” (pajama time)


Jared: “..dhama time..hut hut..” (pajama time..hush hush..)


Jared: “go-ying bed book” (going to bed book)


Jared: “..hang tower on da wohr.. pajama big en small..” (..hang their towels on the wall.. pajamas big and small)

Jared: “da ki-eyton: (the creation)


Jared: “God men dey…” (God made day…)

Naaliw ako, kakabasa namin ng books na to the past few nights, halos memorize nya na yung story..hehe! 😀

1 to 2

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1 day to go (less than 12hrs actually) before Jared turns 2 years old! My baby is growing fast, but he will always be a baby to me 🙂

Around this time (1pm), 2yrs ago, I was experiencing labor already at home…12hrs after I was on labor in the hospital…and a few hours after, my baby was out.

Thank you Lord for giving Jared to us..he has brought so much joy to me, his dada, and his wowo & wowa. Being a mom is such a WONDERFUL experience! Thank you! 🙂

Love you so much Jared! 🙂

Jared loves Books!

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My baby loves books… Since he was a baby, I bought him books and read to him almost every night or just anytime I feel like reading. He “reads” himself as well..he loves seeing pictures, pointing to it and saying aloud what’s in the picture (or at least what he thinks it is).

2 nights ago, I was trying to relax (while texting) for a while beside him in bed before we read bedtime stories. Hubby is doing something outside the room at this time. He packed away his lego, picked up 3 books and asked begged me to read the books. Our conversation went like this:
Jared: “yid buk (read book) na mama nin (mama janine)…yid buk..”
Me: “wait lang po..”
Jared: “yid buk na…yid buuuukkk…tige na tige na (sige na sige na)..” (he seemed like he was about to cry) hehehe ang kulet..cute! 😀

Among these 3 books, he didn’t want me to read the “Pajama Time”… he picked it out and put it a little away from us, saying “ayaw yan…pangit yan..pangit yan..”… Nagulat ako and I really laughed at that statement, ang arte ng anak ko haha!

After I read the 2 books…
Me: “finish na..finish reading the books.. let’s pray and then sleeping time na..”
Jared: “yid buk (read book) pa..” and then picked up the 3rd book..
Me: “akala ko ba ayaw mo read yan, sabi mo pangit yan..”
Jared: (habang inaabot sa kin yung book nagmamakaawa na) “yid buk pa..yid buk pa..”


Date(s) with Hubby

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Ever since we had Jared, we seldom go on dates…as in! Last year, he was on vacation for about 7 months (because he had several trainings, and he wanted to stay a bit longer with me and Jared), but we were only able to go on a movie date ONCE!hehehe! I’m not complaining, it’s our choice, because we really don’t feel comfortable going out after work knowing that we have a baby at home. If not for that 1 movie, puro grocery lang ang labas namin…kung magdinner man kami sa labas noon, dahil gutom na after grocery, mabilisang dinner lang para makauwi agad. Nag-iiba talaga ang priorities pag may baby na. 🙂

Few months (or weeks) yata after I gave birth, naging topic sa N@W ang pagde-date ng mga mag-asawa. Dapat daw talaga meron pa din time ang mga mag-asawa na mag-date kahit anong busy sa mga anak. Every couple needs that time to be with each other to “rekindle(?)” their relationship and keep it strong…bonding time. Plus, somehow eh short “break” na din from being busy parents. “Giving time to your child is as important as giving time to your partner”…I read this also: “happy couple = happy baby”. tama naman di ba? 🙂

Etong bakasyon na to ni Wilson this year, we still do not go out that often, not on a regular basis like weekly…but it’s better than last year. More or less, we try to go out on dates (be it a movie, or just dinner na kami lang 2) at least twice a month. We still feel a little guilt (not as guilty as before) going home late to an already sleeping Jared. Di pa din maiwasan ma-guilty, pero bumabawi naman kami the following day/ we spend weekends together, all 3 of us. 🙂

[naalala ko lang magpost about this dahil may planned movie date kami mamya haha..sana maaga ako makaalis sa office para matuloy]

I’m back…

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…for now!!hahaha!

It’s been a month since I last posted…ambilis ng araw, inabot na naman ng mahigit 1 month bago ko ulit nasilip ang blog ko..pasaway!hehehe!

Still busy with work…and family life of course. My birthday has passed..I really hope I can make a separate post about it, with pictures (nasa memory card pa din ang mga pics di pa natatransfer sa laptop haha!).. And Jared’s birthday is coming up in 5 days! It’s actually supposed to be today (Aug.18), if I was able to give birth on the exact date of my expected due date..but he wanted to stay for a bit longer in my tummy hehe. He’ll be turning 2 on the 23rd! I still don’t know what to give him as a birthday gift..I wanted to give him something special for his birthday, pero wala akong maisip na afford ko haha!

In approximately 2wks, it will be hubby’s birthday naman (Sept.3)..he will still be here to celebrate it with us yey! Wala pang definite date ang alis nya, baka daw Oct pero di pa sure. Hmmm..andito pa kaya sya sa anniv namin?sana!


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I just remembered/realized that I have “abandoned” this blog for more than 1 month already! I’ve been too busy with a lot of things that I almost forgot I have a blog that I haven’t updated in ages!

Ok…just a quick summary of update(s) of my highlights [non-work] last June and early July: mall hoppings w/ the hubby and the little kid every weekend. LOL!

– photo session at BlowUp Babies in Serendra (c/o a voucher from CashCashPinoy)
– enrolled Jared in Play n Learn Level5 class at Gymboree Trinoma (got a voucher from Ensogo)
– Jared already had 2 (of 4) sessions
– kiddie parties.. we attended 3 kiddie parties (2 last June, and 1 on the 1st wk of July)
– personally, I tried the foot spa – pedicure at Nail Tropics in Serendra, twice in a span of 2wks.adik?haha!
– lost a little weight already 🙂 i’m on a diet (pag weekdays lang..pag weekend cheat days,minsan kahit weekdays pa haha..di nakaka-karir ang pagda-diet)
– (this one is an opposite of my “diet” update lol!)… i purchased 4 vouchers of discounted lunch/dinner at Spiral in Sofitel (c/o hubby..treat daw nya sa akin at parents ko for my bday)… weeee!!excited ako sa bday ko next month because of that..di ko pa nata-try ang Spiral eh, Circles at Shang pa lang (laging free,c/o different telco vendors lol!)

Jared conversations/moments (part 2)

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… here are some of our other convo/moments with Jared…


Mama/Dada: what’s your name?
Jared: jayed
M/D: jared..?
J: jayed amot.. (jared ramos)


M/D: ano pangalan ni mommy?
J: mama/mommy nin (mama/mommy Janine)
M/D: ano pangalan ni dada?
J: ton/dada ton (Wilson / dada Wilson)
M/D: ano pangalan ni lola?
J: o-ma/u-ma (norma)
M/D: ano pangalan ni lolo?
J: a-yo (nilo)
M/D: ano pangalan ni tita?
J: titakaw / tita jek (tita takaw / tita jeck)
M/D: ano pangalan ni tito?
J: tito opep (tito joseph)
M/D: ano pangalan ni ate/yaya?
J: o-an / ate ann (rose ann / ate rose ann)


M/D: saan ka pupunta?
J: e-em (SM)
M/D: ano bibilhin mo sa SM?
J: gagaw..tahu (lugaw..taho)


M/D: ano sabi ng dog?
J: aw-aw
M/D: ano sabi ng cat?
J: mow (meow)
M/D: ano sabi ng bird?
J: tit-tit (tweet tweet)
M/D: ano sabi ng frog?
J: kokak


J: (pointing to his toe na nagkasugat dati) no mor u-gat,gaying na (no more sugat, magaling na)


When we’re going out…
M/D: ano pasalubong natin kay lola?
J: ah kim (ice cream)
M/D: eh kay lolo ano pasalubong natin?
J: pa-ta (pizza)… [OR] bu-ger (burger)
M/D: eh kay jared ano pasalubong ni mommy pag-uwi galing work?
J: o-nut (donut… he loves Bavarian munchkins)


J: mama…dada… ta e-em (punta SM). Dada, u-nin tar/car (kunin mo car).


Mommy: (pag sobrang harot at likot ni jared sa kama at natamaan ako) aray!
J: (maiyak-iyak pa habang yumayakap) “ah-ti na” (bati na)… “yab na” (love na)..
….awww… 🙂

M/D: paamoy/pakiss ng kili-kili
J: (willingly raises up his arms)
M/D: (nang-aasar lang) ang asim!
J: di apin..ango! (hindi asim…mabango!)


M: gigil ako sa yo… pakagat!
J: ayaw! kit na (kiss na lang)

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